Campbellton Graceville Hospital | Hospital Managers Update Civic Club
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Hospital Managers Update Civic Club

17 Oct Hospital Managers Update Civic Club

Source: Jackson County Floridian

Leaders from the new management team at Campbellton-Graceville Hospital were guest speakers at the most recent meeting of the Graceville Women’s Club, hosting the session and updating the civic organization about the ongoing improvements being made at the hospital. It was within hours of closing when People’s Choice Hospitals took over the facility.

Since then, the company has replaced about 20 old beds and some other equipment like stretchers, crash carts and scales, and payroll hasn’t been missed once. Before they took over, some employee pay had been deferred, and those are still outstanding but efforts are being made to catch those up.

And hospital staff said that the facility is beginning to get some Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements from as far back as 2013. Those are helping keep the hospital afloat as the transition continues to strengthen the hospital.

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