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03 Mar New Lab at CGH Brings in $299,000 in January

By: Samantha Angerbrandt Source: Graceville News 'The Campbellton-Graceville Hospital (CGH) held its monthly board meeting on Monday, February 29, 2016. The board, which consists of Alice Pate, Pat Pelham, and Linda Wheatley, were all present. The meeting included updates on the hospital staff, finances, and the continuing...

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30 Oct More Cutting-Edge Equipment Arrives at CGH

In an effort to dramatically expand the diagnostic testing capabilities at CGH, we are pleased to announce the arrival of an array of cutting-edge equipment. The GE Lightspeed Open CT Scanner will deliver advanced diagnostic images to identify current or potential issues for strategic treatment. Women...

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17 Oct Hospital Managers Update Civic Club

Source: Jackson County Floridian Leaders from the new management team at Campbellton-Graceville Hospital were guest speakers at the most recent meeting of the Graceville Women’s Club, hosting the session and updating the civic organization about the ongoing improvements being made at the hospital. It was within...

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25 May Consider Campbellton-Graceville Hospital SAVED

Source: Jackson County Times All systems are GO at Campbellton-Graceville Hospital—the emergency room, admissions and the doctor’s outpatient clinic next door—but it will take “six to nine months” of work to complete the change in ownership to Chicago-based People’s Choice Hospital, Vice President Jorge Perez said...

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19 May Campbellton-Graceville Hospital Under New Management

Source: The Campbellton-Graceville Hospital is off life support. It's officially back open and under new management. "Everybody was a little bit nervous and there was a lot of emotions," said Licensed Practical Nurse Margie Gillette. "The atmosphere has changed in that it's a more uplifting atmosphere...

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